The Attenborough Project

The Attenborough Project is now underway - I have been recording for it on and off for a few months now both in the Southwest and up in Leicester. My first three tracks (below) made their way to Sir David himself and I received a very kind reply thanking me for the music. Flock is based quite close to home on Shapwick Heath where, every year on the Somerset Levels many thousands of Starlings flock to roost among the reeds there. It is a truly awe inspiring sight and I can only hope to display a small fraction of the beauty of seeing the flocks themselves through the track. I hope, at some point to create a short film of some of the starlings to accompany the piece as it feels like it needs some visual presence too. For the moment the image accompanying the track will have to do! I did at least take it myself at Shapwick so you can be sure it's authentic.

This is like a "day in the life" story of the coolest Beetle ever. This little guy lives in the Namib Desert (hence the name... Namib Desert Beetle or Stenocara gracilipes). Unusually for such a dry desert the Namib has a stretch of coast which washes a thick fog up to 50 miles in some nights providing the Beetle with all the water it needs. When the fog comes rolling in it scuttles up the sand dune in the morning sun and sits, waiting for the moisture in the air to condense on its back, trickle down its legs and into its mouth. This was one of the Attenborough clips that for one reason or another has stuck with me since I was about seven or eight years old. Dean Brodrick kindly donated some prepared piano for this track too.

Goats have a reputation for being sure footed and the Himalayan Ibex is so sure footed it starts tripping up and down virtually vertical rock faces almost as soon as its born. Not only are they clever climbers they are so damn sure of themselves they have evolved to do their battling for females on the edges of mountains - just to make it that little bit more exciting? I suppose Ibex are no exception to the rule that no matter how cunning males are amongst themselves they get pretty silly when girls come on the scene. Again my friend Dean has contributed to this track, this time with his bassoonist skills.

.... and it doesn't end here. There will be more tracks on their way over then next few months as and when I find time between other work so do keep coming back for more. they will also be posted on the Sound Tailor Facebook.

For a comprehensive listen you can find everything I have online on the Sound Tailor Soundcloud


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