4 May 2016

New Album from Birte Paulsen - 'Borrowed Time'

Over the past few weeks I have been mixing an album of new music by an excellent artist Birte Paulsen. It has just come back from the mastering studio - Loud Mastering - where Jason did us proud once again with his careful and sensitive handling of the tracks) and its sounding great! (although I would say that wouldn't I!?).

My brother and long time musical collaborator Alfie Weedon has been playing bass on, and recording/arranging the whole album and he and Birte have done an amazing job sending me music that is both a pleasure to mix and also challenging and interesting in just the right ways. I have also been allowed to chuck loads of violins on it purely for my own gratification and have been asked frequently by Birte and Alfie "could you turn the violins down a little bit?".

Happily I am able to share the tracks here on The Sound Tailor site and I hope you will all have a good listen. Let me know your thoughts about the music and/or production!

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