12 Jul 2014

New Video for New Album!

Here is the culmination of a recent project producing the new Ben & Alfie album "Adrift" and this is the second track "Train of Thought". The video is mostly taken in Britol Temple-meads and Leeds stations and on the train between Harrogate and Taunton (a well spent journey to a gig and back!). It is filmed on a Lumix fz100 which has served me pretty well though its low light capability is not great in film mode. It was all put together by myself and my girlfriend Kelsi in FCP X which probably isn't as sophisticated as the old 7 yet but it is certainly a lot easier to use and with a bit of investigation and willingness to learn the 3rd Ben & Alfie music video is at large on the internet.

"Adrift" is available from the Ben & Alfie Bandcamp as a digital download or from the Paddywack Records store for a real CD. Bandcamp has the advantage over iTunes in my opinion in that you can download CD quality files and you can listen to the full album! So do go and take a gander as it really is free to listen to the whole thing.

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