27 Sep 2013

Attenborough Project Background and some Music!

New piece today is on its way to completion. I will be writing a series of pieces for Sir David Attenborough and this is the first or at least some preliminary work for the project. Please do have a listen it needs a little tweaking here and there in the mix but it is getting there.

The project is inspired by a childhood fascination really - I sent a letter to Sir David when I was about four years old, all about ammonites, and received a very very kind reply with a beautiful Orchid flower on the stamp. It was only afterwards that I discovered my own Dad and Grandfather (Mums side and entirely coincidental - I can tell you are impressed) had also both written to and received replies from Sir David!

Needless to say that if nothing else it made a reasonable dinner time anecdote but at four years old you are very impressionable and he impressed me hugely; enough to make me a keen listener and watcher of his programs on radio and television until the present day and ask for his biography for my 10th birthday.

But all good things do come to an end (or at least that is what we are told) and the other day I heard him on the Today Program and was reminded, as the interviewer questioned him persistently on his feelings about euthanasia, that even Sir David Attenborough is not the immortal figure I have always considered him. And so it was decided - I would compose something, some brilliant piece of music (this is how I imagine it you see) specially for him. I will create it and send it to him because though his work, programs, research and his immense generosity and wisdom will live on for many years to come I would dearly like it if I could give something back for him to enjoy as I have enjoyed his creations. That, I think, would be very special indeed.

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